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[Notice: The MindBites Website and Service, which powers this video store, will cease its operations on December 14, 2016. Further information can be found at] Imagine communicating with your baby before he or she can even speak. Baby More sign language reduces frustration, accelerates verbal development and strengthens cognitive skills. It also enhances child-parent bonding through time spent teaching signs to your baby.Less

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Baby Sign Language - Food Signs

  • Author Laura Berg
  • Rating
  • Time 17:28
  • Media Video/mp4
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  • Size 62 MB

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Learn 47 baby sign language food signs to use with your infant in this video. These ASL signs will include apple, banana, cereal, cheese, cheerios, sweet potato, etc. The signs are sequenced in alphabetical order and each letter has a chapter marker, making it easier to later review specific signs.

Laura is the mother of one of the internet's most famous signing babies and the founder of My Smart Hands, a company that teaches baby sign languages classes. She is also a certified teacher and university guest lecturer on the topic of using sign language to promote literacy.

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04/06/2011 Audrey2
Granddaughter is 14 months and know thirty words
So well done!
03/13/2010 annarlo
You're the best, Laura. And it meets such a need. I'm a grandmother to two daughter-in-laws who are signing some with their youngsters. I work on it here with them. It is such fun--and so helpful for the children--and the moms and others--to More communicate. Thank you! AnnLess
great lesson...great bargain
05/14/2009 lisa8
you learn SO many signs for $2 in this lesson and it is really cute watching Laura's daughter sign!
great stuff
02/23/2009 terri3
i like the way she put the video together...not overwhelming
I love this program, but the video quality is r...
12/28/2008 tkelleman
My daughter and I have been watching these videos religiously on YouTube and we finally decided to expand our lessons and buy some here but the quality is rather poor. Is there a way to get a higher quality video? or is this just a limitation of the More mindbites site?Less
Fantastic Lesson for Laura
12/16/2008 hmt79
I bought this lesson after Parker had a problem downloading it so we could diagnose the root cause (which has since been fixed, rest assured). Anyhow, since I'd bought it, I figure'd I'd watch it. Laura does a FANTASTIC job here - I can't get over More how amazingly precocious her daughter is. She covers tons of food signs in this video, and after spending a ton of time with my 6-month old niece lately, I can definitely see how useful it would be to be able to communicate with a finnicky eater about what type of food they'd like. :) Great job, Laura!Less
cannot download to computer
12/16/2008 parker
cannot download to computer
Just what I've been looking for!
09/06/2008 us01rjm
I usually go to ( if I don't know a sign, but I can't always find what I'm looking for there. Plus I've been wanting a food list to teach my baby.
Very usefull
06/26/2008 gosia
It's well done! and very helpfull!
Incredibly Useful
04/08/2008 Tina Peterson
Knowing food signs and teaching them to your baby allow for increased, detailed communication. I love the idea of knowing exactly what your baby wants, because he/she can tell you. It's also adorable for them to sign what they know!
Definitely worth the money!
11/27/2007 O2BMi
Laura is an excellent instructor. She shows the signs clearly, describes what she is doing, and gives great memory tips. Her pace is perfect. The signs shown are the most useful food signs, IMO. Laura's daughter's presence is very helpful in that More she demonstrates approximations babies use (not to mention that she is adorable and appears to be brilliant!). I highly recommend viewing this video. MicheleLess
Food Signs
11/14/2007 schatzlein16
I like this video, because I think babies love food! The signs are really easy to memorize. I am learning along with my baby, and this is just great! I mean... more than 40 food signs, more than half I use every day!!! I recommend this to everyone!Less