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[Notice: The MindBites Website and Service, which powers this video store, will cease its operations on December 14, 2016. Further information can be found at] Imagine communicating with your baby before he or she can even speak. Baby More sign language reduces frustration, accelerates verbal development and strengthens cognitive skills. It also enhances child-parent bonding through time spent teaching signs to your baby.Less

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Make Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

  • Author Laura Berg
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  • Time 12:29
  • Media Video/mp4
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In this lesson, you will learn how to make your own set of baby sign language flashcards. Both the words and images are supplied in a pdf file for the front of the card. You will also receive, as part of this lesson, 30 pictures and descriptions of how to make the signs for each word supplied. All of the signs provided in this lesson are American Sign Language (ASL) signs. You can personalize these cards by adding your own photographs to the 'mommy', 'daddy', 'grandma', 'grandpa' and 'family' spots.
This craft is fun and easy to do, the hard work is taken care of for you!

Laura is the mother of one of the internet's most famous signing babies and the founder of, a company that teaches baby sign languages classes.

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  • flashcard_supply_list.pdfflashcard_supply_list.pdf

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Sierria's Johnson
08/16/2010 Audrey2
Sierria is now 7 months old. I made the cards at about 4 months old. She is recognizing that More I always use my hands communicating to her. She is studying about 15 cards. I'm still waiting for her to apply her smart hands technique. I will keep everyone updated. Grandma Besser Audma Grandpa Besser BropaLess
Signing for Babies
07/01/2010 Alma
I love that this is available. It is so easy. I am replacing English words with Spanish and I love that you could use these cards with any language.
Get start
04/29/2010 Erica6
Thanks for sharing.
Love It!!
04/28/2010 Megan14
Great Job!!! Thanks for sharing!!
So cool!
02/25/2010 Courtney2
What a great idea! Laura, thank you for doing all the work so we don't have to. This is the perfect tool also to use because my 9 month old will soon be meeting my mother for the first time, and it'd be great for him to recognize her face when he More meets her.Less
baby sign language flash cards - do it yourself...
11/17/2009 JoEllen Taylor
Very nice. Simple start. Great for crafty people.
Very Helpful
07/11/2009 leanne
I found this very helpful. Im a nursery nurse and have recently started to sign language with the babies. it really does work.
LOVE flash cards
06/07/2009 jason14
I was "just looking around" when I came across this video and had to purchase the lesson right away! It just seemed so easy and I know anyone can do it. Great! It popped up when I googled "learn baby sign language"
Flash cards
05/15/2009 loris
The video was easy to follow. Thank you. I have made other cards such as Bath, Sleep and Sister plus Please and Thank you.
03/24/2009 alexmom
Great..just have a question my son is 18 months and not saying a word yet, i speak spanish to him my husband speaks danish to him and we speak english between each other..the flash cards should be in spanish??..thks..;o) Edit by MB Admin: Answer More courtesy of Laura: Great question, if you are going to be the one using the flashcards with your son then I would recommend using Spanish words or you can even leave the English words and add the Spanish words underneath. You can always make two versions one that is Spanish and one that is Danish. It would definitely be a good visual aid to link the two languages!Less
nice idea
02/20/2009 terri3
As a person who does lots of laminating and printing the video didn't give me any new information. But i love the cards and will be printing and making them. I do daycare and am trying to teach my kids ASL, but i am learning also, so nice to have More the signs on the back to remind me. I would love to be able to get to the point where i use it more and more. i am pretty sporadic about using it. thanks for the files, time is always nice to save. :)Less
Responding to jlcloud
01/30/2009 Laura Berg
I'm sorry you didn't find the lesson overly useful. I just wanted to show parents how to make their own cards so that they can expand on the words I already provided. The reason for 'avocado' is because most pediatricians in Canada are recommending More avocado as a good healthy brain food because of the fats in it and it is hard to find the sign for avocado. It was one of the most requested signs from all of my classes. 'Yes' and 'no' would be easy for you to make if you'd like to but I find those concepts hard to convey in a flashcard. If you'd like to make drink it simply looks like you are holding a cup in your hand and are drinking from it. I encourage you to add to the collection that is already in this lesson. Anyone is welcome to email me if they are unable to find the signs and I can email them a description. Not so useful 12/30/2008 ~ jlcloud I'm not quite sure why there are words like "avacado" and "monkey" but no "yes" or "no". There is "milk" and "juice", but no "drink". I love the format, but am disappointed that it doesn't include these basics.Less
Great resource
01/03/2009 Rachel Sharpe
Please see my review in the comments section.
Not so useful
12/30/2008 jlcloud
I'm not quite sure why there are words like "avacado" and "monkey" but no "yes" or "no". There is "milk" and "juice", but no "drink". I love the format, but am disappointed that it doesn't include these basics.
So impressed
10/30/2008 Alex Jurek
Laura thinks of everything-she's even provided the images for the flashcards AND left the family images empty so that the 'mommy' card includes the actual mommy of your family. This lesson is about how to make the cards, and I'd love to see one on More the ways she uses them with her daughter; I was blown away to hear her sounding out the words on the cards!Less
Clear and very informative lesson.
09/02/2008 Sarah Moore
This lesson is great for teaching children how to read, write, and sign all in one! Thank you so much for adding PDF files. This makes it very easy to make my own flash cards!