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[Notice: The MindBites Website and Service, which powers this video store, will cease its operations on December 14, 2016. Further information can be found at] Imagine communicating with your baby before he or she can even speak. Baby More sign language reduces frustration, accelerates verbal development and strengthens cognitive skills. It also enhances child-parent bonding through time spent teaching signs to your baby.Less

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Series: Baby Sign Language: Everything You Need

  • Author Laura Berg
  • Rating
  • Time 02:23:38
  • Media Video/mp4
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This series of lessons should get you started signing with your baby. It'll walk you through how to get started, how to make a variety of different signs, how to practice with baby (using flashcards), and how to sign the alphabet.

Baby sign language signs covered in this series include foods, animals, family (mom/dad/etc), motivational (ball/block/etc - things your baby is fascinated by), and the alphabet.

This set will also help you to teach your little one to sign to a variety of popular children's songs, including: 'Itsy Bitsy Spider,' 'Baa Baa Black Sheep,' 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,' 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm,' 'On Top of Spaghetti,' 'Row, Row, Row your Boat,' 'It's Raining, It's Pouring,' 'RED,' 'YELLOW,' 'GREEN,' and 'BLUE.'

Children love putting actions to songs, so why not teach them ASL signs to use with the songs? These lessons will take you through each song step-by-step and show you the different signs you can use when singing the songs.

In addition to these songs, you'll also learn several different alphabet songs (whether you're American and say Zee or Canadian and say Zed) - one that teaches what the letters sound like and one that teaches words that start with the letters.

For all of the songs, Laura will walk you through exactly how to make the correct signs.

This set is sure to keep you and your little one busy learning! Happy signing!

Note: you are purchasing the right to download or access these video lessons online (through the links below). Unfortunately, we do not offer these lessons in a DVD format.

Lessons included in this series

  1. Make Baby Sign Language Flash Cards
  2. Baby Sign Language - How to Get Started
  3. Baby Sign Language - ASL Alphabet
  4. Baby Sign Language - Food Signs
  5. Baby Sign Language - Animal Signs
  6. Baby Sign Language - Family Signs
  7. Baby Sign Language - Children's Songs #1
  8. Baby Sign Language - Children's Songs #2
  9. Baby Sign Language - Children's Songs #3
  10. Baby Sign Language - Alphabet Songs (American)
  11. Baby Sign Language - Alphabet Songs (Canadian)
too much talking
09/30/2013 nbaca
my baby got bored,and lost interest in the video,too much talking and the only thing that he sees is you, I have another video and he likes it there are kids in it doing the signs
l like it!
07/08/2012 eunha
But it is not available to download. I tried many times, but it says FAIL.
Alphabet Sign Language
01/10/2012 Alida Lark
I saw this when I was looking for fun ways to teach my non-school age son and grandson. I have raved about it ever since I got it and it is doing what I cannot. All the while teaching me sign language of the Alphabet. I love this thank you.
Very catchy tune!
08/11/2011 Kristine7
I am a first grade teacher and I often encounter kids who aren't firm with their sounds. However, reviewing this is often boring to those who have mastered their sounds. This video and song gives me the "happy medium", helping those who still need More to learn their sounds, but providing new and engaging material (sign language) for those who don't need the review. Can't wait to try it out!Less
04/06/2011 Audrey2
Granddaughter is 14 months and know thirty words
A score of 5 is not high enough
10/10/2010 Kathleen17
I look forward to practicing this with my 17 month old grandson. He's late with speaking but has picked this up rapidly. For some reason I've become dyslexic in my old age with the alphabet signing (Same thing occurs in my aerobics classes)so I More have a mirror in place to avoid the initial frustration until the reflex takes over. Thank you so muchLess
Signing for Babies
07/01/2010 Alma
I love that this is available. It is so easy. I am replacing English words with Spanish and I love that you could use these cards with any language.
My favourite of the series
06/11/2010 Natalka
This lesson was so amazing! I have been singing these songs to my daughter all week (it's been raining and we went on a trip to a farm as well :) It's sooo nice to be able to put signs to the songs that we've been enjoying - And my dad used to More sing me the spaghetti song when I was a little girl. Hopefully she can learn it before we go to visit him in a few months! Thank you Laura!Less

Supplementary Files

Once you purchase this series you will have access to the following files:

  • flashcard_pics_front.pdfflashcard_pics_front.pdf
  • flashcard_signs_back.pdfflashcard_signs_back.pdf
  • flashcard_supply_list.pdfflashcard_supply_list.pdf
  • animalsignslist.txtanimalsignslist.txt
  • Song_Lyrics_Part_1.pdfSong_Lyrics_Part_1.pdf
  • Song_Lyrics_Part_2.pdfSong_Lyrics_Part_2.pdf
  • Song_Lyrics_Part_3.pdfSong_Lyrics_Part_3.pdf
  • ABC_s_Zee.mp3ABC_s_Zee.mp3
  • Phonics_Zee.mp3Phonics_Zee.mp3
  • ABC_s_Zed.mp3ABC_s_Zed.mp3
  • Phonics_Zed.mp3Phonics_Zed.mp3